As a student of Brilliant Talent School of Abadan, I organized the first astronomy group in Abadan between 2004 and 2006 and I persuaded our principle to buy a telescope (TAL-150) and some astronomy books and then we held some observation events that is shown in below photos.

One of our events was about winter constellations and I handed out some maps of constellations to students and presented a lecture about astronomy and the way of finding specific stars in the night sky. We also observed them by our telescopes.

In addition we organized an observation event for our teachers. That night we observed Jupiter planet and its moons through Tal-150 telescope. I have to mention that the first man from right is Mr Jalil who has helped us very much and I wish him the best.

In 2007 we developed our group and funded the first astronomers association of Abadan in Basirat institute and as it can be seen in the next pictures we held some conferences.

Mr Khosro Jafarizadeh which is the director of Amateur Astronomers Association of Khuzestan state was our lecturer and he presented a lecture about space since the event was organized in space week.

Head of Department of Education of Abadan was our special guest and we reported our activities and described our future plans for him and his deputies. At the end our members and guests observed the moon with our telescopes.

In 2008 we arranged an observation event for teachers and we taught them how to use telescopes and how to find constellations in sky.

Our aim was to train teachers who have the related subjects in their books and have to teach students introductory astronomy.

One of our projects is "Seeking Thin Crescent Moons" we had done lots of observation with Mr Naser Roustaei who was experienced in this project, he is the first man in the right and me in the left picture behind the telescope.

In 2009 and 2010 we organized some astronomy courses in Brilliant Talent Schools of Abadan and also in Basirat institute. In those courses I trained many students and they learned different subjects of astronomy such as stars structure, solar system, constellations of different seasons, telescope operation and so on. And finally we organized a tour and we went outside the city far from light pollution in order to observe deep sky objects.

From 2011 we decided to train people in public places and arrange public observation and another goal is that we are going to start an new project and teach our astronomers online. 
The above picture shows that Mr Milad Jabouri Abasi (our partner) held an event for people of Abadan.